What We Don’t Know About Love E-Book

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ПИСАТЕЛ: Milena Rodriguez
ISBN: 9786191505326


When it comes to LOVE, we are faced with a multitude of questions. The answers are different for everyone. One thing is for sure - love is not luck or a fortunate circumstance. It is not a gift of fate.According to Milena Rodriguez, we are the ones responsible for our self-confidence. It is up to us to be admired and appreciated by members of the opposite sex, by our loved ones and our colleagues. Living happy, fulfilling lives depends on ourselves.If you have recently broken up with a partner or are experiencing a crisis, this book will help you through it. Milena Rodriguez provides the answers you have been looking for. Her unusual psychological techniques and exercises help us shed the excess emotional baggage we carry in our psyche without even realizing it. The author offers a fresh look at this beautiful feeling called LOVE. Milena Rodriguez is a respected consultant in the field of successful relationships. She holds degrees in journalism and psychology. She gives lectures and provides consulting services to help people build happy relationships at home and at work. Her skillful approach encourages many people to work on establishing a better exchange with those important to them.

...or an entire hour. About 20 minutes in, I'm tired and hungry and I'm sure you are too ... Loving The People Who Don't Know How To Love You ... . 8. No, You Don't Know What Love Is-but We All Want To What men think is that 'real love' struggle might just be a dysfunctional, codependent, or abusive relationship and not 'love' at all. I don't know what love is and I'm not going to pretend to know the perimeters in which it's suppose to fit into but one thing I do know is it's probably going to feel good and it's probably going to feel right and all I need to know is when I feel, not to let it go. We don't know which way it will go, because we know so little about forests themsel ... LIVERPOOL: I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I LOVE IT | The ... ... . We don't know which way it will go, because we know so little about forests themselves. ... Sasquatch, fairies, God, and love. After that, he generally ate alone. But Fermi's apparent logic ... They Don't Know About Us Lyrics: People say we shouldn't be together / Too young to know about forever / But I say they don't know / What they talk talk talking about / (Talk talk talking ... What we don't know about love and loneliness. By David Frum, CNN Contributor ... or have dinner with nearly anyone you know. Suffering is everywhere, and married parents, even happily married ... Dr. Megan Ranney spent last week testifying about coronavirus in front of Congress. Here's what she says we know, and what we still don't know, about Covid-19. I wanna know, wanna know What this love is about I don't know what I'm feeling gotta figure it out I wanna know, gotta know What all of this could lead to Am I really falling for you Falling for you Falling for you You say you wanna be friends We play it cool but it's so hard to pretend Deep down I think we both know You and I, what we have ... As much as we want relationships to work, sometimes, it's just impossible to do so. In some cases, it's because you're not in the right place to be in a relationship. In others, it's a because your partner just doesn't understand how to treat you well. Once in a while though, it's simply because you don't love your partner anymore. I know this is going to sound crazy. It feels crazy to even write it, but I want you to know that I believe in soul mates. I really do. I think there are people in this world that are meant to be a part of each other's lives. Whether it's in friendship or love, I belie...