The Athonite Monastery of Vatopedi from 1462 to 1707 E-Book

The Athonite Monastery of Vatopedi from 1462 to 1707 - Cyril Pavlikianov pdf epub



ПИСАТЕЛ: Cyril Pavlikianov
ISBN: 9789540727523


Based on several field trips to mount Athos, the present monograph examines and publushes the texts of seventy post-Byzantine Greek and Slavic documents kept in the monastery of Vatopedi. The author makes an attempt at restoring the monastery's history from the fall of Byzantium up to the year 1707 commenting many interesting details ot Vatopedi's social and cultural relations with the Balkans, the Near East, Italy and Russia.

...nastery experience, going to most church ... Извори - Academica Books ... ... Pavlikianov, C. The Athonite Monastery of Vatopedi from 1462 to 1707. The Archive Evidence. Sofia, 2008 ISBN 9789540727523; Любен Прашков, Атанас Шаренков. Паметници на културата на Света гора - Атон. Изд. Български художник, София, 1987 История. Агафополь (греч.Αγαθούπολη), упоминае ... Cyril Pavlikianov, The Athonite Monastery of Vatopedi from ... ... .Αγαθούπολη), упоминаемый в различных источниках под именами как Тира(х), Перонтик-он (ус), Агатубулус, Гатополи, Гастополи, Ахтебулу и т. д., возник около фракийского укреплённого двореца-башни ... The Monastery of Vatopedi (or Vatopaidi), (Greek: Βατοπέδι or Βατοπαίδι) is one of twenty monasteries on the Mount Athos peninsula and is located on the northeastern side of the peninsula. It operates as a coenobitic monastery(a communal monastic community). As of 1999, it is inhabited by 80 monks and is second in hierarchical rank among the monasteries of the mountain. Some ... The Athonite Monastery of Vatopedi from 1462 to 1707 25.00 лв. 22.50 лв. Промо. The Byzantine Documents of the Athonite Monastery of Karakallou and Selected Acts from the Ottoman Period (1294-1835) 18.00 лв. 16.20 лв. Eν έτει 1792 εν Bενετία' (The present Holy and Royal Monastery of the Great Lavra of Vatopedi was engraved in copper at the expense of the Reverend Hegumen of the monastery, Arsenios, from the island of Zakynthos, to be given without charge to Orthodox Christians as an act of piety. Venice 1792). The Vatopedi Monastery contributed greatly to the education of the enslaved nation with the establishment of the Athonite academy. The Holy Belt of the Theotokos and the miraculous icons of the Mother of Consolation, Virgin Mary Vimatarissa, the Slaughtered and Panagia Antifonitria that are kept here reveal the strong presence of Mary....